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Dota 2 Items

First try at a re-skin. Added a new Roshan system to give you multiple lives. Also ported it to the previous game. Thinking about reworking the game to include a store with neat helpful stuff. For now though working on learning Unity and creating something horrible with that as a test.
Removed the first game I made due to poor reception xD
Oh and you can get Dota 2 Items HERE.

Dota 2 Counters

So this app for Dota2 should be a much more effective and quicker method of learning/remembering counters than experiencing it through a 40 minute game. You can download it HERE.

Atomic Monster

Second App! An actual game. Expect this one to have a ton of bugs. The quickly self-made artwork is also.....interesting. A lot of improvisation but a lot of fun to make!


First try at an app, I think it came out pretty respectable. Good learning experience! Link to it is HERE.